Thursday, November 30, 2017


Feel Fantastic was published in 1996 by MacMillan Canada. Although it's over 20 years old, most of the content is relevant today. My book was the first time a dietitian appeared on a cereal box. Enjoy!

Do you wake up some days and feel fantastic? Or, more often, do you wake up without energy? Can you relate the negative feeling to overeating or over drinking? Have you wanted to make a change? These chapters will help motivate you to take control of your life: to change the way you eat; to do the things you’ve always want to do. Having renewed confidence and looking the way you’ve always wanted to look will be your final result. 

The book, Feel Fantastic, originally published in 1996, is based on my experiences as a dietitian in private practice for more than forty years and a fashion model for more than fifty years. As a mother of three and grandmother of ten, it's time to update this book as a blog.

My two Master of Science degrees will help form the basis of sound nutrition advice, and the successes of my clients will help you develop new strategies to feeling fantastic every day.

Why do you want to change?
• to lose weight to fit into clothes.
• to eat better due to a recent health scare.
• to quit smoking but afraid of weight gain.
• to be more active and increase energy.
• to look good and regain confidence.

Eating poorly need not control the rest of your life. You need to take control and make changes now. Your self-neglect must stop. It’s very simple. How can you treat others well if you’re feeling dreadful? Tell yourself you’ve had enough! Tell yourself you deserve to feel good about yourself all the time.

You may wonder what role a dietitian plays in these aspects of life. Eating habits encompass much more than just the amount and types of food that people choose to put into their mouths. Cultural factors, social pressures, biology, personality and family dynamics all exert influence on a person’s present and future choices for healthy eating. The total approach to good health means all aspects are interrelated.

I’ve always admired Europeans for their stylish sophistication and poise. They're not better looking nor wealthier than the US public. So what is it that makes them unique? It’s their attitude! This became apparent to me when my older son, Elon, went to Paris. He came back with a surprising observation: All the women are good-looking. He said “Actually if you look carefully, they aren't really so good looking, they just think they are. They walk proudly, dress with style and act as if they own the world.” Indeed, a strong sense of self-worth should be evident in your comportment. It will improve the way you deal with people as well as how you treat yourself. Make health and happiness a priority in your life.

This book will help you identify problem areas in your eating habits, activity, confidence and appearance. Based on the examples provided here, you will find accessible ways to make changes - logical and common sense ways that you may not have identified within yourself. If stress, smoking or alcohol consumption have stopped you from feeling your best, future chapters will help you refocus on making positive changes in these areas.

There are no earth-shattering solutions here; merely common sense strategies to help you change habits gradually and painlessly, to improve your quality of life.

Confusion and fear of eating foods caused by nutrition myths will be exposed. Expensive gimmicks in the diet industry will no longer exploit you.

You will set your goals and follow through on them. When your mind is ready for it, nothing can stop you. Enjoy learning about yourself and being in control of your future health and attitude.


1955 Family photo

I would like to thank the following people for their contribution: My mother, Wyn Haldeman, who painstakingly read each sentence aloud as only a mother could, painstaking for me, that is. 

My three children, Elon, Kimbal and Tosca who made sure the book was not too scientific - they cut out the boring parts; my creative sister, Lynne Haldeman, who gave me some fun ideas; my neurologist brother, Dr Scott Haldeman, who has always encouraged me to write a book. All my family above who have helped me to start and succeed at any venture I have attempted. A big THANK YOU!

And Macmillan Canada who, after hearing one of my presentations, asked me to write a book. “How do you know I can write?” I asked. They replied, “Just put into words what you say and do.” And that’s what I did.