Sunday, October 1, 2017


Daily reminders to eat well will help with weight loss:

1. Keep motivated to eat well by planning fun things: going for a walk, calling a friend, shopping for your favorite fresh fruits, reading a good book.
2. If you’re tempted to eat high calorie snacks such as chips, cookies and sweets when you’re bored, be sure to make them difficult to get to and only buy one small portion at a time.
3. Take five minutes each evening to plan your meals for the next day.
4. Chocolates are at the checkout counter for a reason, impulse buying. Once you break this habit, you’ll feel fantastic.
5. Become a fussy eater: only eat a decadent dessert if it’s the best. Increase your pleasure by sharing the dessert and experience with a friend.
6. Eat a small meal in the evening if you’re not hungry. Don’t feel obliged to heap your plate out of habit.
7. Try a vegetarian meal in the evening: lentil soup, whole wheat roll and an apple; bean, lettuce, tomato and avocado salad; or snack on edamame beans, raw vegetables and a savory yogurt dip.
8. If you are trying to cut calories, one tip is to avoid eating two starchy foods, such as potatoes AND bread, at a meal.
9. Skipping meals leads to a bad breath. Ketones form in the blood and get excreted as acetone in the breath. If your colleagues have a sweet, acetone-like smell, ask them when they last ate. Tip them off if you can.
10. If you are a vegetarian, it doesn’t mean you can replace iron-rich meat with donuts. It means you have to make even more careful choices to find iron in other foods.
11. When you’re bored, dust off your recipe books, find a tasty recipe, write down the ingredients and prepare for the next day.
12. On the weekend, cook enough food for four meals. Eat one, put one in the fridge for another time, and freeze the other two meals for nuking when you’re rushed.
13. Drink a glass of low fat milk as a snack, particularly at night after you’ve flossed your teeth. You’ll get in great nutrients while satisfying your hunger and re-hydrating yourself.
14. Decide to stop sneaking fatty or sweet foods into your office or home, to eat when nobody’s looking. You are only fooling yourself. Eat junk foods only with others.
15. Throw all your vegetables into a pot for soup before they become over-ripe. Cook them up. You’ll have your tasty antioxidant-rich fast food handy to eat while you prepare dinner.
16. Use ready-prepared, frozen or canned vegetables. Shortcuts are also nutritious.
17. For better control on breads when dining out, eat whole grains only. There won’t be many offered in restaurants.
18. When eating out, portions are usually twice the size you need. Finish your vegetables to first to fill you up. Take half of the rest home and reheat with a salad for another tasty meal.
19. Etiquette makes eating enjoyable for everyone: don’t talk with your mouth full; don’t eat with your mouth open; and don’t eat when someone is speaking to you. These tips will slow down your eating time.
20. Only have a dessert if it’s your favorite, then share with a friend.
21. If you’re overdoing the decadent desserts, choose fruit as dessert for your next two meals.
22. Learn eating habits that suit you and you’ll find easy to follow for the rest of your life.
23. The only way to maintain your weight is through constant vigilance.
24. Being aware of eating foods that you like, when you feel like it, and knowing the quantities your body can handle without gaining weight, are the principles you should apply when losing weight.
25. Change your lifestyle habits gradually and painlessly, so your quality of life improves. Wake up each day feeling fantastic.
26. When you plan and enjoy your foods, you become more active, feel better about yourself and make an effort to look good. They are all linked together.
27. When you overeat you feel too sluggish to workout and depressed about losing control. You also don’t care about your appearance. Don’t let this happen. You can make every day an enjoyable day. Go for a walk now and plan your next meal while you walk.
28. Food affects mood: Your handling of problems or stress situations is much easier if you’re eating well and feeling good about yourself.
29. You know that when you’re feeling heavy, you become short-tempered, snap at family or friends, even though they don’t deserve it. Go for a walk and don’t eat until you’re hungry.
30. The keys to sensible eating are simply awareness of what you are eating and moderation of food quantities. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be able to enjoy any food your heart desires, knowing that this is what you really want and that the quantities are right for you.
31. One food item or one meal, which you regard as forbidden, will not ruin your good intentions. Ask yourself “did I enjoy it?” If so, just ignore it and carry on the next day as if nothing happened. Don’t ever beat yourself up because you can’t be perfect.
32. If you “feel stuffed” after a meal that’s too large in quality or too high in fat, you’ll know you ate too much. Remember that feeling the next time you’re tempted. Say to yourself “I’ll have a smaller portion” or “This is not my favorite food. I’ll wait until something I really love comes along.”
33. To keep you full and chewing, eat nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day. No, this does not include fries.
34. Grapefruit juice is very nutritious. A six-ounce glass provides lots of potassium, almost three-fourths of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C and 75 calories. Although drinking large amounts of any juice is not a good weight loss strategy, as calories add up and hunger isn't satisfied for long. Since grapefruit juice can interfere with the body's ability to use some medications, check with your doctor or pharmacist.
35. Change isn’t easy to make. Use repeated positive thoughts and enhanced awareness to make it easier. This awareness needs to be part of your new lifestyle.
36. Manage your weight in a pleasant and easy manner - focus on healthy eating, not rapid weight loss.