Sunday, October 1, 2017


Snacks help with avoiding hunger which results in overeating. Always have nutritious food handy, especially during the mid-morning and mid-afternoon. If you aren't hungry, that's okay; but if you are, it's dangerous as junk foods are everywhere! Don’t be caught twice.

Examples are:

1. 1 cup fat-free yogurt with 2 tbsp almonds, walnuts or sunflower seeds. Benefits: calcium, protein, fiber, good fat, omega 3, vitamin E.

2. 1 cup fruit with ¼ cup low-fat cottage cheese. Benefits: Calcium, protein, fiber, vitamin A, C, folic acid.

3. 1 cup cooked edamame in shell (cook for 3 mins, keep in fridge). Benefits: cholesterol lowering soy protein, good fats, fiber, antioxidants.

4. 1 slice whole-wheat bread, 1 tsp spread (Promise, I can't believe it's not butter), 1 boiled egg (keep a few boiled eggs in your fridge for a quick snack). Benefits: B vitamins, fiber, good fats, protein, Vit B12, choline.

5. 1 cup fresh vegetables sticks (carrot, celery, cucumber) with ¼ cup humus. Benefits: Vitamins, fiber, protein, good fats.

6. 1 slice whole-wheat bread and peanut butter or 1/2 can tuna. Benefits: B Vitamins, protein, fiber, good fats.

7. ½ cup whole grain cereal (Total, Fiber One, Cheerios, Kashi) with ½ cup skim or 1% milk. Benefits: Fiber, vitamin D, protein, calcium, fortified with many vitamins and minerals.

7. ¼ cup dried fruit and nuts in a baggie. Benefits: Loaded with antioxidants, fiber, good fats.

9. 4 cups light popcorn. Benefit: fiber.

10. 1 cup vegetable, lentil or bean soup. Really fills you up. Benefit: protein, fiber, mega amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

11. 1 cup canned soup like Campbell's Healthy Request. Benefit: Liquid fills, low calorie.

12. 4 whole-wheat crackers, 1 tbsp peanut or almond butter, 1 fruit. Benefits: good fats, fiber, protein, antioxidants.

13. 1 cup skim latte for afternoon energy, plus a banana for hunger. Benefits: calcium, vitamins, minerals, fiber.

14. 1 Wasa cracker and 1 oz low fat cheese. Benefits: B vitamins, calcium.

15. Energy bars are an emergency snack, better than donuts.

16. Leftovers from last night’s dinner or half your lunch. Benefits: assorted nutrients.

17. Fruit and vegetables any time. Benefits: fiber, Vitamin A, B, C, folic acid, antioxidants.

18. 1/4 cup nuts. Benefits: potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and selenium.