Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Cans and frozen foods can make your life easier.

Aim for more beans in your diet - in soups, salads, in stews or as a side dish.

Soybeans in pods (edamame) can be bought frozen. Just boil the pods in 3 mins, add a little salt, and you have a tasty snack. Out of the pods are delicious too.

Garbanzo, black, red kidney, navy, pinto and lima beans are yummy too. Have a variety.

3 bean salad is tasty - add vinegar, oil, a little sugar, diced onions and chopped peppers.

Eat beans at least 3X/week. Add corn and peas for tasty nutritious vegetables.

If you are diabetic, then you do need to pay attention to these carb sources. Find a dietitian to help you on www.eatright.org.