Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Ever wonder what a serving of bread looks like?  Or how much of that bagel is one serving?  Let's find out...

This is a multigrain bread (not bad but 100% whole wheat would be better). See how thin the slice on the right is?  That is one serving (75 cal, 1g fiber). The thicker slice is about 1 ½-2 servings. If you are cutting your own slices instead of using pre-sliced bread, be careful not to cut too thick.  You may be getting more than double what you think you are!

This is a whole wheat bagel. The size looks decent, but really it is 3 servings of carbs! One third of the bagel (on the left) is 80 calories and 1.3g fiber. Try to eat only ½ of the bagel at a time and save the rest for later or another day. At most delis, you can get the bagel scooped out, which can help save some unnecessary calories.