Thursday, April 22, 2010 April 2010 Reviews the KFC Double Down

by Dave Odegard

Part of the reason the Double Down is so unbelievable is that while the country is in the midst of an obesity epidemic, it's an obvious example example of our outright gluttony. According to nutritionist and dietitian, Maye Musk, MS RD, the sandwich’s 540 calories (at least according to KFC) actually isn’t that bad, but she was concerned about the listed amount of fat and salt.

“At 32 grams fat, you have half your fat intake for the day which is 65 grams,” she explained. “The amount of saturated (bad) fat is not listed yet but it is sure to be high, with the bacon and cheese filling…Salt intake is 2300 mg per day so [at 1,380 mg in just one sandwich] you are past half your daily intake. If you're at risk for heart disease, the recommendation is under 2000 mg. In just one food item, you will be close to your limit!”

KFC does offer a slightly healthier grilled version of the Double Down, but Musk pointed out that it has higher amounts of salt. Either way, she wasn’t impressed.

“This sandwich is not for anyone who wants to be healthy,” she said.

I felt the Double Down sitting like a weight inside me as every ounce of energy was sapped out my body. Musk later explained that it takes a lot of energy to digest a large amount of fat.

“The energy needed for metabolism and daily working of the body is concentrated in the stomach for digestion,” she said. “This makes you lose your energy and crash.”