Thursday, January 7, 2010

Your Diet magazine Fall 2004

The Diet Trick That Works

by Joanna Powell

When new clients come to Maye Musk for help losing weight, the New York City nutritionist begins with their diet history, asking for a list of everything they’ve eaten in a 24-hour period. Inevitably, “they don’t remember all of it”, she says. “ In most cases, if they ate what they think they eat, they would lose 5 lbs very quickly.” In fact, when Musk sends clients home with a simple meal plan and a food diary, “they generally drop 5 lbs in the first week,” she adds. “They tell me, I’d grab a muffin without even thinking about it,’ or ‘Before I starting writing it down, I didn’t realize I’d have a brownie in the afternoon, but now I have a fruit.”

After her clients reach their goal weight, Musk then sees them once a month. “At that they time they only keep a journal the last month of every month,” she says. “We find that for the first three weeks, their weight slowly creeps up, and then, during the week they write down what they are eating, the weight drops back. It’s all because they know they have to be accountable.”