Thursday, January 7, 2010

Today's Dietitian November 2002

Blaming 'Big Food'

by Hannah Fiske

An article about a class action lawsuit filed against fast food companies:

Maye's opinion of the lawsuit: "I thought it was silly. In any other country, claims like this would be ignored; but, of course, America has more obese citizens than other countries."

"One has to wonder where, along the line, he misunderstood healthy eating and to what extent other people are responsible for that. Personally, I do not go into fast food restaurants. When I do, I know exactly what I am doing--I am having a wonderful binge." Even standing in line, she adds, it is not uncommon to hear other customers saying,"I really shouldn't be doing this to myself" or "I can't believe I'm eating this."

"If I gain weight, I would rather blame it on other people. But the truth is that if you are putting unhealthy food in your mouth, you are the only person you can blame."