Thursday, January 7, 2010

Today's Dietitian June 1999

Professional Image 101

by Jacqueline B. Marcus

An article about maintaining a professional image for dietitians:

"First impressions count. By being well-groomed and showing confidence, you'll look as though you can handle anything. People will notice your smile, mannerisms, ease, and the way you dress."

On Europeans: "They're not better nor wealthier. It's their attitude. They aren't really so good looking, they just think they are. They walk proudly, dress with style, and act as if the own the world. " This strong sense of self-worth, suggests Musk, "should be evident in your comportment. It will improve the way you deal with people as well as how you treat yourself."

To increase their confidence, Musk suggests that RDs find their niche in dietetics and become experts. "Speak at meetings and conferences and mentor others who seek knowledge." To look and feel more sophisticated, she recommends appearance readjustment. "Although registered dieticians are science types, they trust and want to be like people who take care of themselves." They should be up-to-date with the "perceived image of success."