Thursday, January 7, 2010

Today's Dietitian August 2002

It's written all over your face: Evidence of lacking nutrients could be surfacing in your client's appearances

by Hannah Fiske

An article about how good nutrition can affect your appearance and health:

On her clients: "Some come to me out of concerns about pregnancy, high cholesterol, or other clinical conditions. But I would have to say that most of my clients, at least 80%, come to me for weight loss because they want to look better."

"When I first see overweight clients, they are often depressed and have little hope of improving their eating habits because they have tried every diet out there. But when they start losing weight, their energy goes up and so does their confidence. It gives me joy to see them almost bouncing into my office, looking so much happier."

"People are often embarrassed about showing their bodies when they have a better shape. But if they wear clothes that fit and get a flattering haircut, it can actually make them look slimmer and younger."

About her own appearance: "I would love to dress 'frumpy' and just be comfortable, but I take a few extra minutes every day to make sure I look good for my clients."