Thursday, January 7, 2010 2009

Link between loneliness and obesity

By Stacey Smith

Nutritionist and dietitian, Maye Musk, MS RD, who has a private practice in New York city, asks all of her clients if they eat more when lonely, stressed, anxious, depressed, tired, or bored. She says, "I set them a meal and activity plan that suits their lifestyle. They keep track of everything they eat during the week and give me reasons for making poor eating choices."

Musk gives the following strategies to her clients who eat more when lonely:

* Only have nutritious foods in your home/office.

* Eat 2 fruits before anything sweet. They never feel like something sweet after 2 fruits.

* Eat 2 cups vegetables before anything fatty, crunchy and salty (like chips). After the veggies, they have no room for junk.

* Make notes of the times you are lonely. Plan to call a friend or family; go to a movie, go for a walk, take up a hobby, read a book, clean your home, garden, watch a gripping television story, get a dog - anything fun to take away that painful lonely feeling

She adds, "Once they conquer that lonely feeling and replace it with a good feeling, they become much happier people."