Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dietitians to the Stars

by Hannah Fiske, Today's Dietitian, February 2003

An article about dietitians with celebrity clients:
"Many celebrities who come to see me are totally confused because they need to be thin but just don't know what to eat. Some are naturally thin and have never had a problem with weight, but may have noticed their energy levels dropping because they are trying to follow all the latest diets and end up eating things that are completely wrong for them."
Once their eating habits are normalized, she adds, her clients feel so much better that they wonder why they never considered simple common sense in the first place.
"When I go to a reception with models and actresses, all I hear is, 'Don't bring me carbs, don't bring me carbs.' They have to be so slim that they can only eat just a little, so there seems to be no point in tasting the delicious desserts."
At most social functions, Musk adds, there is surprisingly very little healthy food to be had, and celebrities cannot afford to let themselves go to town on the fried, starchy foods. "They have to stick to fruits and vegetables, and have to search hard for some protein separated from the starch that will harm their caloric intake."
"It annoys me that people are often not offered more healthy choices. Sometimes, at certain high-society receptions, they serve trays of little vegetable and fish appetizers and the portions are very small. They are delicate and beautifully done. When you see them, you know you can get through the evening without having to go vegetarian."
Because, just like the rest of us, they enjoy eating and hate feeling hungry, Musk advises her celebrity clients to eat a large amount of vegetables and fruits every day. "When you add three fruits and four vegetables, it looks like so much food. It is also important to ensure that clients take in an appropriate amount of dairy, she adds, since they tend to eat unhealthfully when they work."
"When I was shooting a commercial a few weeks ago, we could eat a wonderful bowl of cereal with fruit and skim milk, or else we could have a three-egg omelet with bacon and sausage. There are choices to be made, and the people working behind the scenes carrying all the heavy props need those calories."
Actors and models, however, should opt for the ligther fare, Musk says, despite the fact that many 18-year-old models she works with eat whatever they want and never develop a bulge. "It never occurs to them to load up with vegetables and fruit, though, because they are just typical teenagers."