Tuesday, October 27, 2009


In all the talks I give, the main concern of my audience members is weight loss.

We just need to look around and see that Americans reaching obesity levels is increasing due to temptations, poor eating habits and less activity.

With major chronic health problems related to obesity such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer, you’d think the motivation was obvious. Yet with my clients this is rarely the reason people want to lose weight, physical appearance is the main reason. Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be more attractive. In fact, any reason to obtain a healthy weight is fine by me, if you become a healthier person in the end.

You know that when your weight is up, you don’t feel attractive and you feel less inspired to eat well. Together with increased weight is the low energy level and low feeling of confidence that comes with overeating. For some people, being active is the answer. For many of my clients, it’s food quantity and food choices that are the main problem - for myself as well. I am active every day but when I give in to temptation, I can gain five pounds in one week, no problem!

Here are the 4 Big Tips:

1. Eat two vegetables at lunch and dinner, before deciding on the rest of the meal. The vegetables should take up half your plate. The more colors the better, such as dark greens (broccoli), reds (tomatoes) and yellows (squash). Be sure they’re your favorite vegetables. You can prepare them stir-fried in a little oil, as a salad in a low-fat dressing, or steamed.

2. For many, a sweet tooth surprises you every afternoon or evening, and each time you rush out and buy a cookie, brownie, pastry or ice cream. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a fruit, dried fruits and yogurt or glass of milk - tasty foods that contain vitamin C and calcium. Eat something nutritious first and you’ll find you’ve satisfied your cravings.

3. When you think carbohydrates, be sure to think high fiber. We love breads, rice, pasta and potatoes. Yes, you can and should eat them, just switch to whole grain breads, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta and potatoes with skins. You will enjoy the richer flavor, fill up quicker, prevent constipation, lower your risk for cancer, and feel better afterwards. Many bonuses.

4. Avoid buffets. Researchers did a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and found that people who consume a greater variety of foods were more likely to consume excess calories and be obese. This makes sense. If you are given a plate of pasta only, no bread, wine, salad, vegetables or dessert, you’ll soon get bored. Yet, if you went to a buffet, you would want to try all your favorite foods. You will end up leaving the restaurant feeling stuffed. Variety is important, but more important is variety in fruits, vegetables and whole grains, not variety in fried foods and pastries.

It isn’t easy to change a habit. When I give a talk, I can motivate the audience for three days. To change a habit, you need to keep focused for three weeks and you need to be focused on one change only. Too many changes and you end up being stressed out by making too many commitments and not succeeding.

Decide which change you’d like to make, keep focused and Feel Fantastic.