Sunday, October 18, 2009

Quick Nutritious Meals

In order to eat well, you need to have the right foods in your home. Below are some meal ideas. Be sure to add the foods to your shopping list.

  • Cook whole-wheat pasta in 11 minutes. Microwave frozen mixed vegetables. Mix together with bottled pasta sauce.
  • Use leftover pasta; add spinach and low-fat cottage cheese.
  • Vegetarian meal: Cook 2 cups brown rice and store for daily use. Stir-fry frozen peppers, zucchini and eggplant. Add canned chickpeas and olives and serve over rice.
  • Fry leftover rice in a little oil, add an egg and canned vegetables.
  • Salads: wash and drain lettuce, keep in plastic bag and use daily for quick salads. Mexican salad: Add sliced tomatoes, canned kidney beans and low-fat cheese.
  • While watching TV, make tortilla roll-ups: Cook lean ground beef during the first program. Open canned beans. Add beef, leftover rice, beans, chopped lettuce, tomato and low fat cheese. Roll up. Cut in half to share with someone as portion may be too large. Watch second program.
  • Cook couscous - 5 minutes preparation time. Serve with leftover chicken or fish and veggies.
  • Microwave a potato; add cooked frozen vegetables, low-fat cottage cheese, and seasoning.
  • Open a can of sardines, salmon or tuna and put on whole-wheat toast with 1 tsp Promise spread.
  • Buy fresh vegetables, wash and prepare for use during the week: onions, tomatoes, sprouts, green peppers, mushrooms, celery, carrots, cucumbers and lettuce.
  • Try a convenient, low cost meal replacement beverage from a reputable company. Slim-Fast published studies demonstrating successful, long-term weight control when their beverage replaced one or two meals a day.
  • Keep frozen meals in the freezer, such as Lean Cuisine, Weight Watchers or Healthy Choice.
  • Leftovers are really quick meals. When dining out, eat all the veggies and half the protein and carbs. Take home and eat leftovers with veggies or salad the next day.
  • Cereal, milk and fruit can be your dinner, if you’re too exhausted to think about preparing foods.
  • Sending out for Chinese? An egg roll, Kung Pao Pork and white rice provide 1300 calories. Better choices are 1-cup wonton soup, 1-cup chicken and snow peas and ½ cup brown rice. A light and filling meal for 450 calories.

If you’re traveling or can’t stop to cook, try the following on-the-go options:

  • Microwavable soup such as Campbell’s Healthy Request (60 calories) can stave your hunger until you have time to eat.
  • Microwaved popcorn or boiled edamame (3 mins).
  • Try a sandwich with 2 slices whole-wheat bread and 1 T peanut butter or 2T hummus.
  • A baggie of nuts and dried cranberries plus a banana will tide you over until you can find a nutritious meal.

Healthy meals can be quick, but require a little forethought.

Good luck!