Monday, October 12, 2009

Dogs - Man's Best Health Friend!

The next 7 tips are related to pets and how much they can improve your health and life.

I have a dachshund/yorky mix, so I unscientifically agree with research findings.

1. A study demonstrated that older people who had pets experienced better overall physical and mental health than those who didn't own animals.

2. A study found lower mortality rates at a nursing home that kept lots of animals around.

3. A study in a psychology journal found that children with pets had higher self-esteem and empathy than other children.

4. Putting a dog in the room where a child is having a physical exam from a pediatrician can lower the child's heart rate, blood pressure and distress.

5. In an Australian study, men with pets had lower blood pressure, triglyceride and cholesterol levels than men who didn't own pets.

6. Pets can help those under stress. A study has shown that providing stockbrokers with dogs and cats in the doctor’s examining room, lowered their heart rate, blood pressure and distress.

7. A recent study found that dog owners are more likely than people without pets to survive heart attacks.

I plan to have my dog around for a long time. Maybe that's what you need!