Saturday, October 17, 2009


You’re feeling great inside. You’ve improved your eating habits, raised your level of activity and increased your confidence. Now you need to update the new you.

I notice so many changes coming over my clients when they lose weight. Their appearance changes. They start dressing stylishly and begin to take care of themselves. They walk with more confidence. They talk more and smile more. This transition happens and gives me a thrill. What a bonus! Yet it still takes me by surprise. I encourage my clients to show me that they’re taking care of their appearance. For women, I insist that they wear fresh lipstick and the new outfits they’ve bought, at follow-up sessions. For men, I ask to see them in their new suits. This gives me a sense of achievement and I’m so proud of them. But, more importantly, any encouragement motivates them to look after themselves even more. As one of my clients boasted: “Since I have lost weight, I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe. Luckily I didn’t throw out my ‘thin’ clothes.”

If your goal is a polished look, where do you begin? Start with making changes to your wardrobe.


Copy a few ideas from the fashion magazines. For example, if you have a good blouse but your skirt is old-fashioned - too long or frumpy- looking - replace the skirt with one that’s up-to-date. How do you give this new outfit style and flair? Try on different styles but choose the skirt length that suits you. Take your best friend along, one with good fashion sense so that you have an honest opinion. Lengths change each season, so don’t be a fashion slave. Don’t wear a mini-skirt if your legs aren’t well shaped. At the same time, don’t wear a skirt that stops mid-calf if your calves are large. This exaggerates your legs and is very unflattering.


Are your shirts frayed at the collars or cuffs? Are buttons missing from some of them? Are the suits from ten years ago? Decide which outfits make you feel good and discard the rest. Start slowly building up a wardrobe that makes you feel good.


Have a wardrobe to suit my image.
Main Obstacle
Don’t make time. Confused. Don’t know where to start.
Take everything out of wardrobe.
Sort clothes.
Hang good clothes up in order - pants, shirts, jackets, etc.
Pack away tight clothes.
Put out of style clothes in a bag to give away.
Pile clothes in need of repair by sewing kit or pack for tailor.
Achievement: The First Week
Clothes that fit, look good and feel good.
Repair clothes.
Achievement: The Second Week
Additional outfits that look good.
Determine which extra clothes are needed.
Buy one matching shirt that can go with two pairs of slacks.
Achievement: The Third Week
Wear two new outfits that week. Looking good.
Buy a pair of shoes to go with wardrobe.
Wardrobe is half the size.
All clothes in wardrobe fit and in good repair.
Wardrobe suits new confident image.
Feel good in every outfit.
Look forward to work and social events.

So what bugs you the most about your appearance? Write these down and prioritize them. Decide which goal you want to achieve first. Then plan your change, step by step.
Now you have achieved at least one goal you have always wanted to obtain. There is no confusion in the morning when you get up. You can concentrate on other parts of your appearance - hair, skin, and accessories. Set your new goals and work toward achieving each one.